Sabot Youyou

In 1803, in the small French seaside town of Sables d’Olonne, Mr. You opened a boutique selling clogs. When several years later he married Miss You, their union marked the beginning of a footwear institution: Youyou. After over 200 years in business, the original shop closed down in 2018, however it wasn’t long before local woman and clog aficionado Charlotte Durand decided to buy the company and continue its legacy. While carrying on the brand’s original style and handcraftsmanship, Youyou’s new owner is ensuring the clogs also reflect modern values and tastes. Each shoe is made with the utmost respect to the environment, using the highest quality vegetable tanned leathers and sustainably sourced alder and linden wood. From patent leather to suede, classic or strappy, Youyou’s clogs come in a vast variety of styles and colours that will last you a lifetime.