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Founded in 2010, zangra is a Belgian company that sells old and new home accessories such as porcelain lighting and light switches, tableware, enamelware and porcelain doorknobs and handles. In 2008, architect Eve Van Dyck and designer Thierry Donnay were in the Ardennes region of Belgium renovating a 19th century hotel restaurant. While working, they became fascinated with all the vintage porcelain switches, sockets and lamp holders. After an unsuccessful search for similar models on the market, they were inspired to create their own, emulating the design of the period while meeting modern electrical standards. Eve and Thierry started designing various other models in porcelain: rosettes, lamp holders, sockets, ceiling lamps... and in the process the brand zangra was born. Since their founding, zangra’s range has expanded into tableware, kitchen utensils and bathroom accessories. Discover them for yourself today at Smallable!