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Zoé Rumeau

Zoé Rumeau is a Parisian artist known for her decorative light sculptures that have become a design staple within boutiques, children’s bedrooms and living rooms all over France. Growing up in a family of artists, Zoé was encouraged from a young age to pursue her creative side. After obtaining a degree in Art History from the Sorbonne and a masters from the École du Louvre, Zoé worked for ten years as a sculptor’s assistant. Through creating the interior metal framework for these sculptures, Zoé learnt the art of ironwork that continues to inspire her work today. From her atelier in Montreuil, Zoé draws, cuts, embroiders, solders, and sews. Her decorative light sculptures come in myriad shapes, from balloons and rainbows to pineapples and skateboards, and are the perfect decoration for a child’s room, nursery or living area! Discover Zoé Rumeau today at Smallable!
Zoé Rumeau