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It’s party time! The invitations are sent, your guests will soon be here. From now on, your table and household deserve to be adorned with party decorations worthy of the name. Smallable will help you to put on the party of your dreams: whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, a wedding, New Year, or a birthday party . Our team of buyers has unearthed the most cheerful décor brands, including Meri Meri, My Little Day, Rice, Klevering and even House Doctor. For your party decorations, you’ll find paper napkins, paper plates, tumblers and cutlery, and table decorations on different themes, as well as rosettes, birthday candles and confetti. For themed parties, we also have a beautiful and unique range of children's fancy dress costumes. In other words, everything you could need to organise a party for birthday girls or boys from 0 to 99. You will also find our guide to organising children's birthday party, as well as a whole host of gifts my age and theme!

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Party Decorations: our Brands