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Baby bedding: Cots, Cribs, Moses Baskets, Mattresses, Pillows and Duvets

Once you have found the perfect cot, complement your baby's furniture with our mattresses, duvets and pillows, from the latest brands like Mum and Dad Factory, Rafa Kids and Leander. What's more, you can find special mattresses for newborns by Done by Deer and Candide to fit perfectly in your baby's nursery. These special cocoon-like mattresses ensure the best possible night's sleep for your baby. Our anti-rollover mattresses are ideal for ensuring that your baby sleeps on their back and does not roll over. We also stock Candide nursing pillows, made from memory foam. Smallable offers high-tech mattresses to give your baby or child the best possible night's sleep, because if children sleep soundly, so do their parents!

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