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Babyzen & Bugaboo pushchairs plus a selection of pram accessories including footmuffs, blankets, sun canopies and more. Our range of pushchairs and pram accessories offers you a choice of essential items for your baby - blankets, which are essential for protecting your baby from the cold, sun canopies for sun protection, and many more pram accessories to keep your baby safe, comfortable and stylish in their pushchair. Feel like having your baby as close to you as you can? Our team also offers you a selection of Babybjörn baby carriers that help you transport your baby in comfort and style. Find all the babycare items you need including baby cots, baby linen, baby tableware and baby toiletries on Smallable.


With the birth of your baby a new existential questions arises: what pushchair should you choose? Smallable helps you select a beautiful model according to your lifestyle and your child’s age.


A newborn spends the first months of his life sleeping, between 18 to 20 hours a day. Whether you are going for a walk, are in the car, visiting your friends or living in a city or in the countryside, it is essential that your baby is in a comfortable position, in other words laying on its back. Why? To guarantee him an ideal sleep and an optimal growth. In order to do so, you have to choose a carrycot or a newborn hammock for your baby.  

To choose your child’s pushchair during its babyhood, several options according to your lifestyle are offered to you.


At Babyzen, the Zen birth pack includes a frame with 3 wheels and its Zen carrycot. This last is an efficient 3 in 1With a carrycot, a seat and a deckchair, it is the only multi-position model approved in the world. It converts into the Babyzen chair, which is entirely flexible, light, manoeuvrable and fits in all car boots. Its size and its 3 wheels will make a walk in the park or in the city way more enjoyable for you and your child.

At Bugaboo, the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is the iconic model that offers comfort and manoeuvrability. If you like strolls in the forest, Bugaboo’s Cameleon 3 handlebar and wheels will make it easier and more pleasant. In addition, the carrycot can be detached with only one hand! Bugaboo has been one of the first companies to have invented intelligent and beautiful pushchairs! 

Her friend, the Buffalo Bugaboo is an all-terrain model, advised for adventurers of any sort. With thick wheels it is a robust and spacious model. It can go on any pathway you would like to take it. It can go on the snow, on the sand or in the woods and your baby will not be shaken! 


If you like the city, such as the metro and tiny elevators, you will need a pushchair that is easy to fold and takes up little space.

Babyzen offers from this point forward the famous Yoyo. This model is smaller and lighter than the Babyzen, thanks to its ability to fold in a form of a luggage and its 4 wheels chair. This model is convenient for travelers, but also for urban parents who might have some space constraints. Its inclinable hammock in a lying position will perfectly suit your baby. This pushchair is very progressive and can be adapted to children from 0 to 5 years old. 

At Bugaboo, you should look into the Bugaboo Bee 5 pushchair. This model is suitable since birth until early childhood. This pushchair is light and easy to carry and its hood is expandable for an optimal protection. The pushchair Bugaboo can be easily folded to be put away in small areas and it will be just right for a city-dweller that uses a push-chair with every opportunity.

Both at Babyzen and at Bugaboo, the carrycot can be used as a Moses basket or a bed settee, unlike a car seat which the baby is not recommended to use for more than one hour and thirty minutes. 


After your baby has grown up, you will swop your carrycot with a hammock model.


When your child has grown up, the Zen pushchair transforms into an all-terrain pushchair with its transformable carrycot. Your child will now be facing the road, ready to conquer the world! The Bugaboo Cameleon swaps its carrycot into an inclinable hammock. And yes, in case of a siesta, your child will be lying much better. 


At Babyzen, the Yoyo pushchair can adapt until the age of 5, by simply changing the pushchair’s textiles. The Bugaboo Bee has a chair that expands as your child grows up and if you wish to change the color of the hood you can do so by choosing one of our many colors we offer. 


For the older siblings, Bugaboo offers the Donkey model that allows to pass from a single pushchair to a double pushchair and vice versa. If you have twins, one child and are waiting for the second one, the Bugaboo Donkey will be perfect for you.

If you have children with a small difference in age, you also have the choice of purchasing a comfort board. If the older child can already stand on its own and can walk, he or she could enjoy the ride on this comfort board that you can attach yourself on your pushchair. In addition, Bugaboo also provides a comfort board with a removable chair. Certainly, the smart engineers at Bugaboo really have thought about the evolution of the family.


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