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Baby Girls: Designer Shorts & Bloomers

To complete your baby’s outfit, choose from among our selection of baby girl shorts and bloomers. Different to trousers and leggings, baby bloomers give a retro and regal touch to any outfit. Designed in liberty print from Bonton or Caramel, star print from Louis Louise or graphic print from The Animals Observatory, bloomers can be worn in both summer and winter. Baby girl shorts can also be styled in the same way and will add the finishing touch your little one’s wardrobe. To create the perfect outfit, discover our wide selection of baby girl clothes.

Baby Girl Bloomers: The Summer Essential

The summer season goes hand-in-hand with light cotton, dresses and shorts. From newborn girl outfits to toddler outfits, bloomers are essential for any summer holiday. Practical, easy to style and easy to put on, they’ll soon be your go-to piece. Also discover our selection of baby shorts with minimalist cuts from Gray Label and 1+ in the family for comfortable pieces that will make the perfect holiday outfits.

Baby Girl Outfits: Bloomers In Winter – It’s Possible!

Bloomers aren’t just reserved for high temperatures! Worn over tights, bloomers are among the essential baby girl winter clothes and are the perfect piece to complete your little one’s outfit. For the perfect seaside outfit, discover our selection of baby girl jumpers and cardigans

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Baby Girl Blommers: our Brands