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Family Concept Store

Smallable’s major life stages are common knowledge: it gradually transitioned from a children’s-only concept store to include teenagers and later the whole family. The first boutique opened on the Rue du Cherche-Midi in Paris, followed by a second. And finally, more recently, the offer expanded to include a beauty category and men’s fashion. It’s plain to see how organic this family-oriented evolution has been, guided by the desire to meet the growing needs of our customers, and support them in their everyday lives as best we can by curating the finest brands for them.

Coming in from all around the world, our new and seasoned
customers alike share a taste for surprises and a love
for discovering authentic brands with great aesthetics
and values. With high standards for themselves and their
families, they look for products that are beautiful and good
for people and the planet. They are the Smallable Lovers.
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