Henri Matisse, a pioneer among influencers

Painter, sculptor and engraver Henri Matisse was undeniably a genius. So much so that the artist is now enjoying renewed fame through an e-reputation on the moodboards of female influencers around the world. On Instagram, designers and 3.0 muses are expressing their admiration for the artist, perceiving an ideal in his figures and colours.

From poetry to minimalism

The fact that the works of Matisse resonate so strongly today is because of their contribution to the resurgence of a salutary minimalism verging on essentialism.

In an era of optimisation, of "less is more" and of purity, the clarity of Matisse's lines and colours serve as benchmarks.

The artist's paintings, like his collages, embody a sagacity that is bound to impress. This brush guided by emotions and intuition never neglects depth or poetry, even when taking sides. The virtuoso's analytical mind earns him a combination of admiration and envy. Numerous artists on the current art scene are following in his footsteps, with designer Frédéric Forest, painter Christiane Spangsberg and illustrator Fantine Reucha among these inspired talents.

The colour genius

Matisse is all about colour and his passion for authentic shades remains as captivating as ever.

 Especially female influencers, who are often image experts. Creative consultant Jeanne Damas, designer María Bernad and blogger Marta Cygan (lifeofboheme) share their love for the artist's nuances on their Instagram accounts. Above and beyond their visual impact, Matisse's colours are a cry, a vital cry. A leader of Fauvism – a 20th century painting movement advocating the liberation of colour – the artist's vivid constructions were his weapons of resistance during the two World Wars. Although the periods are incomparable, the colour of Matisse's works naturally enlivens and gives rhythm to a sometimes gloomy present. The master's vibrant hues also bear testimony to his devotion to life and art. In 1945, when Matisse was bedridden and had to stop painting, he decided to turn to paper-cuts and concentrated his vital force into this form of artistic expression.

This fervour and ability to reinvent himself made Matisse an ambassador of the struggle for love, for passion. A universal human inspiration.

The emergence of the Maison Matisse brand is further proof of the artist’s enduring influence. Created by the fourth generation of the painter's family, the brand universe encompasses objects created by emerging or established contemporary designers in the graphic continuity of the visionary painter and his values.

The woman dressed in curves

Finally, the splendid female representations of the genius are particularly galvanising today. The curved lines along the full, round figures of his female models deftly challenge current standards of beauty. For many women, Matisse's paintings are references celebrating the richness of the flesh. Blue Nude (Souvenir of Biskra), Romanian Blouse and Nude with Oranges bear witness to the artist's desire to depict women in terms of their fundamental curves, enabling their souls to conquer the space of the canvas.

Text: Les Confettis

1. Collection de céramiques « La Musique » design Marta Bakoswki pour Maison Matisse, 2020 Credit photo © Alice Cuvelier
2. Assiette à dessert Clé, designer Marta Bakowski pour Maison Matisse, Collection La Musique, 2020 © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse
3. Grand plat Canon, designer Marta Bakowski pour Maison Matisse, Collection La Musique, 2020 © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse