• Beauty Refill-medium
  • Beauty Refill-medium
Beauty Refill-product
Beauty Refill-product

Beauty Refill

  • This powder helps to restore radiance to the skin and hair.
  • This powder protects the skin against oxidative stress, illuminates the complexion, fights against skin ageing and strengthens the nails and hair. It is also ideal to counteract the harmful effects of stress and fatigue on the skin, nails and hair and when the skin is attacked (sun, cold, pollution).
    This powder is very concentrated in active ingredients so that you can feel the effects by the time you finish the jar. For long-lasting and powerful effects, we recommend extending the intake up to 3 months.
  • Goji and Amla berries.
    Natural taste, yuzu notes, reusable and recyclable packaging.
  • Vigorously mix one teaspoon (≈3g) of powder into the drink of your choice. If a slight deposit forms after a few minutes of standing, mix again. This powder goes well with tea, coffee, in a smoothie or yogurt. We advise taking the powder consistently to see effects quickly and to restore lasting balance: 1 teaspoon per day until the jar is finished. You can repeat this as many times in the year as you want, whenever you feel the need. You may also choose to have the powder on an ad hoc basis. All formulas can be taken together or separately, during the same day (respecting the dose of 1 teaspoon per day for each product). This powder is not recommended for pregnant/breastfeeding women or children.
  • Inuline* (1000 mg), baie d'Açaï* (Euterpe oleracea, 500 mg), Moringa* (Moringa oleifera, 500 mg), baie de Goji* (Lycium barbarum, 440 mg), extrait sec d'Amla* (Phyllanthus emblica L., 440 mg), arôme naturel de Yuzu (100 mg), extrait de Melon (Cucumis melo, 20 mg).
    *Ingrédients issus de l'Agriculture Biologique.
  • Cosmetic products can not be returned or exchanged
  • Made in France
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