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What Matters Hand Soap 290 ml


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Greenable Criteria

Certified organic

The organic label certifies that this item has been made from environmentally friendly materials and ingredients, and contains no chemical substances.

  • This product washes hands effectively while leaving them soft thanks to its formula enriched with moisturizing and softening aloe vera. The glass bottle is refillable with the eco-refill also sold on our site.
  • This gel, enriched with moisturising organic aloe vera, gently cleanses and moisturises the hands and forms a protective and refreshing barrier on the skin. The vegetable oil derivative preserves moisture and helps the beneficial ingredients to penetrate and the coconut oil derivative gently cleanses and creates a beautiful lather. Fragranced with a subtle combination of cedar, mimosa and violet it has floral, woody notes that the whold family will love.
  • Purified water, Organic aloe vera leaf extract, Coconut oil derivative, Vegetable oil and sugar derivative, Lemon active ingredient, Red seaweed powder White goemon. Certified organic, this product is rated 100/100 on Yuka.
  • Put a few drops of the product in the palm of your hands, mix it with water, rub and rinse.
  • Cosmetic products can not be returned or exchanged
  • Made in France