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Asmodee Junior Catan


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  • Catan Junior allows youngsters to enjoy the Catan experience and immerse themselves in this exciting world. Come aboard, sailors, and welcome to Catan. The hugely popular board game is finally within reach of youngsters! This child-friendly adaption is the perfect introduction to the original game.
  • The fate of a pirate is not always smooth sailing. In order to establish fortresses and a naval force, he must first obtain gold, wood, wool, and a sword. But these resources are not always at hand, which is why it is sometimes necessary to trade with your fellow buccaneers, making sure you get as much as possible. And if in doubt, the parrot Coco, the pirate captains' faithful companion, will certainly lend a hand!
  • Game duration : 30 mn
  • Helps to develop social skills
  • Number of players : 2-4 players
  • 1 reversible board; 32 ships; 28 fortresses; 1 ghost figurine; 119 cards; 1 market board; 4 port tiles; 4 game aids; 1 dice; 1 rule book
  • Language(s) : French
  • From 6 years old
  • Length : 29.5 cm, Width : 7 cm, Height : 29.5 cm
  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Made in Netherlands