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Moulin Roty Ludo Game


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  • This classic board game has been revisited with a new design that will entertain children aged 4 years and older. To win, you must be the first to get your piece to the globe at the end of the course!
  • Each player places their 4 pieces on their home base. To start the game, players take turns rolling the dice and must land on the globe symbol to take a piece out of the base and place it on the starting square of their colour. Once the piece is on the starting square, the player moves the piece forward according to the number of points indicated on the die. If the player has more than one piece out, they choose the piece they want to move. In both cases, the player rolls the die again. A square can only be occupied by one piece. Since pieces cannot pass each other, a player passing an occupied square must move backwards to the previous square.
    However, if a piece falls exactly on a square already occupied, it sends the other player's piece back to its base and takes its place. The player who returns to their base must roll the globe symbol again to leave. Once the player has completed a full round with all their pieces, they move up each square numbered from 1 to 6. To advance to square 1 you must roll a 1 on the dice, to advance to square 2 you must roll a 2 and so on until you reach square 6 which corresponds to the globe symbol on the dice. To finish and bring out their pieces, they must again roll the globe symbol. The first player to have all 4 pieces out wins the game. To finish the game, the other participants can continue to play to rank themselves in order of arrival.
  • Helps to develop observational skills
  • Number of players : 2-4 players
  • From 4 years old
  • Length : 31 cm, Width : 16 cm