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NixonSiren Watch Green


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Greenable Criteria

Recycled materials

This product has been made from recycled or used materials, which have a smaller environmental impact. Recycled materials require less energy and water to produce, generate fewer carbon emissions and reduce waste.

  • The Siren takes cues from sustainable, high-end activewear, and aims for equal parts comfort, function, and style.

    Custom-moulded case made from #tide ocean plastics with stainless steel caseback and gasket pushers.

    Basic tide high/low tide functionality, chronograph, and countdown timer. Plus, the patented Locking Looper™ keeps the band secure.

    Custom digital module with basic tide. Functions include time of day (12 hour or 24 hour), date calendar through 2099, basic tide, future tide, EL backlight, chronograph, and customizable countdown timer. Home screen can be set to display time and date or time and tide.

    100 metres / 10 ATM
  • Buckle(s), Plain
  • 100% Recycled plastic


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