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Andrée Jardin Sneaker Cleaning Kit


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Greenable Criteria

Recycled or biodegradable packaging

This item’s packaging has been made from recycled or biodegradable materials (which decompose into natural components found in nature).

  • This sneaker cleaning and care kit is ideal for maintaining your trainers, tennis shoes and other everyday shoes.
  • This kit contains: 1 nylon brush, 1 sponge, 1 mild glycerine soap (50 ml gel) and 1 waterproofing agent (50 ml spray)
  • Brush: raw beech wood and white nylon. Double-sided sponge: polyester foam with fine-grained alumina abrasive side. Gentle sneaker cleaning soap: glycerine gel. Anti-stain waterproofing spray: water-based fluorinated compound enriched with food-grade oil. Packaging: reusable poplar wood box and transparent polyethylene lid.
  • Free from chemicals, Solvent-free
  • Brush: ideal for deep cleaning, especially for your soles and lace eyelets.
    Sponge: white side for cleaning shoe uppers or delicate surfaces and orange side for soles or ingrained stains.
    Soft sneaker cleaning soap: put the soft soap on the brush or the wet sponge and rub well. Rinse lightly with water and leave to dry.
    Anti-stain waterproofing: apply an even layer by cross spraying on the shoe.
  • Length : 15.5 cm, Width : 13.5 cm, Depth : 5 cm
  • Made in France