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SmartGames Treasure Island - FR


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  • As you explore the new continent, find the unique location of the pyramid tile. Use the clues on the map to understand the type of wildnerness that must be crossed and assemble the different types of terrain by arranging the four tiles, to reach the mythical Treasure Island. This puzzle game offers 80 challenges ranging from simple to difficult for the whole family.

  • After choosing a challenge, analyse the topographic data for evidence of forest, water, plain or mountain. Then place the four interchangeable pieces, each of which you can change in four different ways, to represent this same terrain and thus discover the only possible space to place the last piece: the City of Gold (the only fixed piece). The early challenges will give you the details of all the terrains and even the shape of some of the pieces. While the more difficult challenges will only give you partial information. There are no clues directly relating to the City of Gold, but only sometimes the land it occupies: the plain.
  • Helps develop concentration skills, Helps develop problem-solving skills
  • Number of players : 1 player minimum
  • One game board; 80 challenges; four hexagonal game tiles; one City of Gold piece; one booklet with the different challenges and game instructions.
  • Language(s) : French
  • From 8 years old
  • Length : 24 cm, Width : 24 cm, Depth : 4.5 cm