Baby gift list and registry

Smallable's selection is highly curated and features a number of exclusives and limited offers making it truly beyond compare. To accompany our exceptional offering, it was only right to offer our customers a special gift registry service. By creating your gift list on Smallable, you can benefit from the advice and assistance of a dedicated consultant, available by phone or by email. They will be there for you, assisting with all of your needs as your list progresses. And that's not all. If your fund reaches a total of £500 or more, Smallable will also contribute by gifting you a voucher for 5% of your contribution total. Find out more.


You’re sure to find a gift you love among our range of 800 designer brands and many exclusive items.

A simple concept

All contributions go into a cash fund. Add and remove items from your list, or change your mind at any time. Find out more.

5% voucher

You will be given a voucher worth 5% of your contribution total once this reaches £500. Find out more.

Personalised service

Your assigned consultant will be there as soon as you open your list to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

All our gift list and baby
gift registry ideas

Our stylists have carefully selected the most beautiful gifts to offer for any occasion.
Be inspired by their selections to help create your own list and for a glimpse at what your loved ones will see when looking at yours.
We hope these ideas inspire and encourage you. Happy browsing!