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Designer Baby Slippers & Booties

From birth onwards, slippers are a real essential. As normal baby shoes are unadvised for newborns and can hinder their development, it’s much better to opt for soft baby slippers and booties. Our comfortable and stylish selection is sure to keep their little feet warm and protected. Made from leather or cotton, discover our beautiful range of baby and toddler shoes made from the highest quality materials and selected from the most beautiful brands. 

Timeless Baby Slippers

Our leather baby slippers quickly adapt to perfectly fit the shape of even the littlest of feet and offer your child maximum comfort. Perfect for all seasons, baby and toddler slippers are an essential from birth right up until they take their first steps. Among our stand out brands this season - Easy Peasy and their colourful or iridescent leather baby slippers, which are perfect for both baby girls and baby boys. When the time comes for them to take their first steps, opt for baby walking shoes such as the leather boots from brand Birds of Nature. Light and made especially for little feet, walking will be a piece of cake.

Choosing The Right Baby Slippers

Fur lined baby slippers, special newborn shoes, socks…The choice is endless and it can be difficult to choose the perfect pair. When your baby is getting ready to take their first steps, opt for a pair of baby boots or shoes that suit your taste and take this opportunity to add a touch of colour to your baby outfits. To help your baby on their journey to taking those first important steps, discover our selection of anti-slip baby socks from pretty brand and baby walking specialist, Go Baby Go. You can also choose a soft pair of baby socks to slip on under any baby shoes that will keep your little one nice and comfy at all times. 

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Baby Slippers & Booties: our Brands