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Children's Designer Sneakers

Children and sneakers – what can we say! Smallable understands this wonderful love-affair and history of style. Our team of buyers choose from the most beautiful brands in children's trainers to provide shoes for all ages and styles. Sharp in Golden Goose paired with chinos or one of our girls' dresses, casual in 10is mixed with our girls' and boys' sweatshirts, or on-trend in the Stan Smith kids' range paired with a kid's jumpsuit ...we have models of children's trainers from over 600 brands. If your child can’t tie their laces, that’s not a problem. You can count on Veja Velcro children's trainers or Vans and Pèpè slip-ons. And if tying their laces is no longer a mystery to them, you could give them their first pair of New Balance or Bensimon children's trainers without further ado.

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Children's Sneakers: our Designers