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Garbo & Friends  forma parte de las marcas escandinavas que admiramos por su diseño y delicadeza, por su cuidada selección de tejidos, colores y estampados. Garbo & Friends   no ha elegido gustar exclusivamente a los padres o a los niños. Cada uno de nosotros se reconoce en sus creaciones para habitaciones de niño y de bebé. Con Garbo & Friends, los protectores de cuna, los cojines, los saquitos para bebé ya no son simples accesorios que todo padre debe poseer sino verdaderas creaciones que participan a la decoración de la habitación de los niños. 
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The Garbo&Friends story


Garbo&friends is a Swedish brand created in 2012 by Susann Nemirovsky, a graduate from Stockholm's prestigious Berghs School of Communication. Greatly inspired by the renowned Swedish actress, Greta Garbo, after whom the brand is named, Susann decided to launch a line of accessories. Passionate about the realm of childhood, Susann and her team imagine up products that mix imagination and practicality with premium quality. Known for their playful prints depicting all kinds of wonderful creatures and insects, and their ultra-soft fabrics, garbo&friends has since made a name for itself in the child care sector. From cot bumpers to baby bottles, with their beautiful range of products garbo&friends transport us, and our kids, to imaginative wonderlands. 


Not just beautiful to look at, garbo&friends also pay special attention to the materials that they use when creating their products. Garbo&friends' woven and knit production is situated in Portugal; all colours used for printing and dyeing the brand's fabrics, as well as their accessories (e.g. ribbons, zippers and buttons) are OEKO-Tex certified, and their colourful baby bottles are free from Phtalates and Bysphenol A. Perfect for baby shower gifting or to spruce up your own little one's room, garbo&friends products are guaranteed to please. From cotton baby blankets to wooden teething rings, we are delighted to present our Smallable selection of wonders from garbo&friends. 


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