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Dijo Bowel Function Nutritional Supplement - 50 Capsules

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Certificado Vegano

El certificado vegano acredita que no se ha realizado ninguna prueba con animales. El artículo con este certificado no contiene ningún ingrediente ni derivado de origen animal, y garantiza que no tiene ningún OGM.

  • This nutritional supplement combines 6 compounds known for their beneficial effects on bowel function. The nutrients and natural substances it contains act in synergy to facilitate digestion, speed up slow bowel movements, and maintain optimal digestive comfort.
  • The composition of these supplements combines natural plant and fruit extracts to provide soluble and insoluble fibre, as well as nutrients with a laxative effect, to relieve chronic and occasional constipation. Combined with good water intake, this fibre supplement swells the entire food bolus meaning that the stools are larger and more hydrated, and therefore evacuated more quickly. The ingredients are known for their effective benefits in regard to digestion, regulation of bowel movements, and preservation of liver and biliary functions.

    Better digestion; reduction of chronic and occasional constipation; support of liver and biliary functions; and elimination of heavy metals.
  • Natural plant and fruit extracts. Plant-based capsule.
  • Vegan
  • 1 to 2 capsules to be taken after meals (max 6 capsules per day). To be taken on an ad hoc basis. Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women. Persons with biliary tract obstruction, liver disease or inflammatory bowel disease should consult a health care practitioner before using these supplements.
  • Pour 6 gélules : Magnésium sulfate : 720 mg (dont magnésium : 72 mg, soit 19% des AR), Extrait de fruit de Tamarin : 600 mg, Pectine : 480 mg, Poudre de feuille de Boldo : 480 mg, Sorbitol : 360 mg, Extrait de Pruneaux : 300 mg, Gélule végétale.
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  • Fabricado en Francia
45,00 US$