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C’est toi l’architecte Game Book: Tadao Ando - Gaia Stella- Imagen del producto n°0
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C’est toi l’architecte Game Book: Tadao Ando - Gaia Stella

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  • Have you ever noticed how light enters through a window?
    And how it changes as the day goes on? Can you see the sky from inside a building? And how can we make windows in the shape of a triangle? These are just some of the questions raised in this book about the work of the great architect Tadao Ando, inspired by his travels, his love of nature and his preoccupation with light. To answer these questions, what could be more fun than observing some of the architect's most beautiful creations and reconstructing them with stickers of different shapes and sizes, each representing his favourite materials (glass, concrete, etc.). By placing the stickers according to how the great architect imagined his structures, and adding in vegetation and people, children are able to imagine what it would be like to work as an architect and can even create their own buildings at the end of the book. A co-publication from Helium and the Bourse de Commerce Collection Pinault.
  • Includes more than 200 stickers
  • Autor(es) : Gaia Stella
  • Idioma(s) : Francés
  • A partir de 7 años
  • Largo : 28.5 cm, Ancho : 21 cm


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