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Bien Fait Eden Wallpaper - 2 Panels Verde

286,00 US$

120x280 Disponible en un plazo de 3 a 4 semanas
  • This wallpaper is inspired by folk culture and recreates the style of traditional embroidery, depicting scenes of a simple life. For this piece, Bien Fait founder Cécile Figuette commissioned the work of illustrator Noémie Klein who produced the original drawings. The figures are repeated to make it look like a piece of embroidered cloth, where the female figure takes centre stage, exuding wisdom and love.
  • 2 panels x 60 cm wide (the pattern repeats every 60 cm).

    Application instructions:
    1/ Draw a vertical mark with a pencil from the left side of your wall, equivalent to the width of your strip; use a level or a plumb line to help you.
    2/ Apply the glue generously and directly to the wall area.
    3/ Unroll your strip from the ceiling to the floor.
    4/ Roll from the top, moving from the centre outwards with a brush or clean cloth to remove air bubbles and excess glue.
    5/ Repeat the previous steps, taking care to ensure that the pattern is well connected.
    6/ Only after it has dried completely, cut off the excess with a clean cutter blade.
  • Fácil de instalar
  • Non-woven wallpaper 147g/m².
    Made from cellulose fibres and textiles
    Eco-labelled inks
    A+ indoor air rating
    Smooth and velvety surface, matte finish
  • Sin PVC
  • Ancho : 120 cm, Altura : 280 cm
  • Certificado FSC
  • Fabricado en Francia
  • Limpiar con un paño suave y húmedo
286,00 US$