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Days of Confidence Energising Facial Serum - 30 ml

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Etiquetas Greenable

Certificado Vegano

El certificado vegano acredita que no se ha realizado ninguna prueba con animales. El artículo con este certificado no contiene ningún ingrediente ni derivado de origen animal, y garantiza que no tiene ningún OGM.

  • This energizing serum, with its invigorating and slightly tightening effect, is ideal for preparing your skin before applying a face cream. It acts on the pH of your skin and limits the production of sebum, oxygenates and plumps, and maintains the elasticity and firmness of your skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a water-retaining molecule, capable of carrying 1000 times its own weight in water. Naturally present in the skin, it plays an essential role in the skin's structure. Low molecular weight plant hyaluronic acid stimulates the fibroblast, the cell responsible for the synthesis of all the components of the dermis (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid). It allows deeper penetration and thus activates the production of hyaluronic acid while preserving the collagen fibres naturally present in the dermis. It guarantees to firm up and tone your skin by plumping it from the inside.

    Palmaria palmata, a red algae of the Rhodophyceae family, is rich in vitamin A and B12, as well as polysaccharides and carrageenans. It acts instantly on the skin microcirculation, with a regulated effectiveness, which stabilizes over time.

    Camelina oil has an optimal ratio between omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential for our skin. It contains antioxidant vitamin E and phytosterols. It provides elasticity with a softening and soothing effect that calms irritated skin and protects sensitive skin. It is regenerating and repairing and helps to fight against the signs of skin ageing.

    Cherry extract has revitalising properties on the skin and a stimulating effect on fibroblasts and collagen production.

    Jojoba Oil, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, is composed of 70% gadoleic acid, from the omega 9 family, which participates in cell construction. It is the closest equivalent to human sebum, which allows it to penetrate the skin quickly without leaving a greasy film to boost collagen production.
It also has many other virtues: it balances sebum secretions by regulating the skin's pH; acts as a skin barrier, protecting it from external aggression; nourishes dry and sensitive skin while softening and soothing it.
  • Hyaluronic acid, Palmaria palmata, Camelina oil, Cherry extract and Jojoba oil
  • Sin OGM
  • Indicado para pieles sensibles, Indicado para pieles secas, Apto para todo tipo de pieles
  • Apply to your face and massage gently for a few seconds. For adult use only. Avoid the eye area.
  • Prunus cerasus (cerise amère) eau de fruit*, Camelina sativa huile de graines*, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) huile de graines*, Pentylène glycol, Glycérine, Aqua (eau), alcools C14-22, Leuconostoc/filtrat de ferment de racine de radis, Lauroyl lysine, gomme de xanthane, alkyl glucoside C12-20, Parfum (parfum), gomme de gellan, hyaluronate de sodium, extrait de Palmaria palmata, acide citrique, tocophérol, squalène, bêta-sitostérol, eugénol, limonène, linalol.
    * Ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique.
  • Los productos cosméticos no pueden ser objeto de devoluciones ni cambios
  • Fabricado en Francia
101,00 US$