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GreenMa Infusión Mama Relax - 55 g

24,00 US$

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Etiquetas Greenable

Materiales reciclados

Este artículo se ha fabricado con materiales usados y reciclados que suponen un menor impacto ambiental para el planeta. Requieren menos energía, menos agua y generan menos desechos y emisiones de carbono.

  • Take a break and enjoy a relaxing herbal tea. BENEFITS: Made exclusively from organic plants, this delicious beverage will help you relax thanks to the presence of lemon balm and lavender, known for their delicious flavour and soothing properties. COMPOSITION: A blend of relaxing organic plants including lemon balm and lavender flowers. No artificial flavours, no pesticides, no preservatives. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: GreenMa has come up with a range of products adapted to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Tea is not recommended during pregnancy because it inhibits iron absorption, the result of which can weaken pregnant women whose iron requirements are higher than normal. GreenMa herbal infusions contain a blend of plants that do not contain tea leaves - that is to say, theine - and that therefore do not cause any risk of anaemia. However, we recommend you always seek professional advice from a doctor or pharmacist before drinking an infusion. Brew a teaspoon of tea in boiling water for five minutes, the same leaves can be re-infused 4 times.
  • Composición : Cristal
  • Contenido : 55 gr.
  • Fabricado en : Francia
24,00 US$