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Kit de limpieza para suelos - Naranja n°55- Imagen del producto n°0
Kit de limpieza para suelos - Naranja n°55- Imagen del producto n°1

Kinfill Kit de limpieza para suelos - Naranja n°55

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  • Kinfill Floor Cleaner is 100% biodegradable and takes great care of your floors. Its pH level is a 6.8 on the acidity scale, meaning it is very close to neutral (7.0), and is therefore safe to use on wooden floorboards, natural stone and concrete. 


    The Kinfill Floor Cleaner comes with a Forever glass bottle, aluminum lid, cleaning extract, and a rubber bottle protector.

    Before you begin cleaning: 
    1. Pour the complete Kinfill extract into the Forever bottle,
    2. Fill the bottle with cold water up to the neck,
    3. Shake, and your Kinfill cleaner is ready for use! 
    4. Dilute a little bit of cleaner into a bucket of water and begin.

    Kinfill Floor Cleaner is effective on many surfaces, including ceramic, chrome, concrete, granite, stainless steel, wood, and marble.


    NO palm oil, NO aluminum, NO pormaldehyde, NO phthalate, NO gluten, NO mineral oil, NO parabens, NO silicone, NO sodium lauryl sulphate, NO sulfate, NO soluene, and NO soap. Orange fragrance. 


    Alcohol ethoxylate, propoxylate, alkyl amide ethoxylate, octylglucoside, trisodium salt, isopropyl alcohol, bronopol, citric acid, natural fragrance.

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31,00 US$