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Montessori Sensory Kit

20 US$
  • This Montessori sensory box contains cards to touch and picture cards to match. The perfect early-learning kit for young children. This set will enable your child to recognise and name what they feel. It includes 5 material cards to touch: rough, sticky, prickly, soft and smooth and 20 picture cards to match. These first cards, which are the basis of learning in the Montessori method, encourage sensory development, sensation-image association, exchange and language development. This is a must-have resource for parents looking to introduce their children to the Montessori early-learning approach.
  • Autor(es) : Delphine Roubieu, Mizuho Fujisawa
  • Idioma(s) : Francés
  • A partir de 15 meses
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