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Little Aurelia Natural Konjac Baby Sponge

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  • This natural Konjac sponge is made from sustainable and biodegradable Konjac roots grown on the volcanic hills of Jeju Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The moisture-rich fibres of the Konjac plant are handcrafted into precious sponges combined with pure water that has been filtered through volcanic rock.
  • The Konjac plant, which originates from the South Korean island of Jeju, has many uses. It gently cleanses your child's skin and supports sensitive, dry or irritated skin. The brand uses the fibres from the root of the Konjac plant to create the softest and most gentle sponge.
  • Konjac Root
  • Indicado para pieles sensibles, Apto para todo tipo de pieles
  • Use with Little Aurelia Sleep Time's Top to Toe cleanser to create a rich, sulphate-free cleansing foam. Before use: Rinse and moisturise the sponge in warm water to soften the fibres, it will go from solid to soft. After use: Rinse the sponge and hang it up to dry. It will naturally shrink and harden again, just repeat the above process to rehydrate it. Replace your sponge every couple of months - it is biodegradable so you can add it to your compost.

    If you wring it out, you risk damaging the plant's delicate fibres. Squeeze it between your flattened hands instead. Never use the sponge when it is dry. Never leave the sponge in water as it may dissolve. Never leave a child unattended with a sponge.
  • Los productos cosméticos no pueden ser objeto de devoluciones ni cambios, Dermatológicamente probado
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20,00 US$