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Hachette Polpo, Shakshuka, Tacos, Ceviche, Cookies, Meat Balls by Cali Sisters - FR

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  • Embark on a culinary journey to California with two sisters who have fallen in love with the region. Close your eyes and imagine: you’re on the West Coast of the United States, you’ve just visited a local farmers' market, there’s a white sandy beach in the distance, the sun’s gentle rays are caressing your face and there’s a superb table of healthy, gourmet dishes waiting to be eaten in front of you... It is this warm atmosphere that Capucine and Juliette have succeeded in recreating in their Parisian restaurant and that they invite you to discover through this book. The 60 recipes you will find in this book are, like Californian cuisine, inspired by dishes from all over the world, but with the signature Cali twist. The result: a kitchen full of healthy, gourmet dishes and all the good vibes of the Golden State by way of fresh produce, loads of vegetables, and an original, vibrant touch.
  • Autor(es) : The Cali Sisters, Emanuela Cino
  • Número de páginas : 224 paginas
  • Idioma(s) : Francés
  • Largo : 27.7 cm, Ancho : 20.3 cm
  • Fabricado en España
36,00 US$