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Sentara Rodillo facial de jade

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Etiquetas Greenable

Origen natural

Este artículo se ha fabricado con materiales, ingredientes y fibras de origen natural.

  • Known as a stone for wisdom and purity, white jade balances the skin with its purifying and soothing effect. Moving the roller against the skin will stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, leaving your skin feeling regenerated and soothed.


    Leave your roller in the refrigerator, and roll against your face and neck in the mornings and evenings, either on bare skin or after applying oil or moisturiser. Movements should be made from the center outwards. When cleaning your roller, use a slightly wet soapy cloth while avoiding contact with the metal. You can also cleanse the roller using sacred sage or palo santo. Regularly recharge your roller using the sun's energy, or leave it out all night to capture the energy of the moon.

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56,00 US$